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I, Seishi Ono, have lived in Tokyo for many years. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Musashi University and hold a Master of Management Systems Science from the Graduate School of Systems Management at Tsukuba University, Japan. After gaining experience in various roles, I am now the president of EdTec Japan LLC, the vice-chairman of the NPO Consortium TIES, which develops online learning systems, and the president of CyberMate LLC, a company dedicated to promoting open access to academic information and supporting its utilization through the integration of open science and data science.

I am passionate about EdTech, particularly the use of blockchain in education and online education, including MOOCs. My interests also encompass the Internet, operational technology, distributed artificial intelligence, machine learning systems, knowledge-based systems, and knowledge communities.

When I was younger, I aspired to be a researcher in economics, mainly focusing on the economic theory known as Uno Theory. Still, eventually, I had to abandon that path. My research ideas back then could have contributed significantly to current economic theories. I hope to one day compile those ideas.

I embrace a slow life and slow-working philosophy. I enjoy playing Shogi (Japanese chess, not "Go") and savoring delicious Japanese cuisine such as sashimi and sushi. Although the years may pass, I still have spirit and appetite. I welcome communication with friends from around the world through the Internet.

Blog page(in Japanese): Seishi Ono's Blog

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