CHiLO Project

Non scholae sed vitae The CHiLO cycle


NPO CCC-TIES was established in 2006, with the university consortium using the e-learning system "TIES" as its parent organization. This university consortium started as a grass root gathering of university faculties and academics, who had ideas of using internet technologies and transcend the existing framework to throw open education to render a satisfying education program not only for themselves but also for students.

What is CHiLO ?

Creative Higher Education with Learning Objects(CHiLO) including four modules realize ubiquitous learning which allows you to learn anytime as you want. In conventional online courses, learners had to follow the studying schedule with fixed learning resources, comprehension tests, and deadlines. CHiLO, is a completely new learning system which proposes a new way to learn utilizing the e-textbook “CHiLO Book”. It enables learners to study at their own pace according to their purposes of learning, and utilizing the learning material of their choice without fixed schedules.

CHiLO Book Library・・・Free CHiLO Book Open Library
Trying Out CHiLO・・・Introduction of CHiLO System and its download
Service Support・・・Services to support the utilization of CHiLO

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